Desperado Pilots

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There's So Much of the Day That's Left Unsung

Before the Pilots, there were two long-time friends sharing a passion for music. Lead singer/songwriter Philip Beaton and drummer Nick Bailie started a two-man project as a way to creatively push each other. With a handful of songs under their belts and the heat of a musical spark forcing them on, Nick Bailie enlisted the help of his friend and bassist Brady Angus to join the project. The chemistry was instant, but the boys agreed that something was still missing. When Brady invited his friend and guitarist Nelson Lemay to audition for the band, the Desperado Pilots were born.

Taking inspiration from all forms of music, it can be hard to pin the band down to one genre. Sure to have heads moving from groovy bobs to full-on headbangs and back in an instant - with instrumentals that bounce between breezy and chaotic, all filtered through the unique voice of Philip Beaton and the wet, distorted guitar melodies he was raised on - the band is striving to carve out a niche of their own. Idolizing some of the greatest modern rock acts of our time like Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, and Muse, this is a band that finds rock music at it's best when it has one foot in the fringe and one in the mainstream.

In April 2017, the debut EP "EL(EP)HANT" was released, the first voyage into their sonic identity. A three-song romp through the serene, the abrasive, and the groovy, with some tongue-in-cheek lyrics, strange imagery and messages of hope in times of despair. Each song represents a different watermark for the early period of the band, the 3 songs highlighting just how diverse their musical stylings could be. Loud, messy, and full of attitude, it was the first step the band would take on their creative journey.

In the Summer of 2017, the Desperado Pilots met up with producer Shawn Barnes to record their latest single, "Bon Voyage". The song released to even greater reception than the previous EP, and it marked a turning point for the band. After finishing their round of touring in the late fall, the boys took a break from gigs in order to hone in on what they felt to be a new era for their project. After taking a few months to write a whole albums worth of new material, the Desperado Pilots are back with a new look, new attitude, and new drive to drag listeners into the strange.